Bus Depot installation 3

Industrial Automatic Dual tank (self cleaning) with 3 phase side channel blower dirt flushes down the drain

Bus depo installtion I

Industrial Automatic plant with small tanks and pump (dirt flushes in drain)


Technician installing vacuum pipe 150mm below surface bed and after compaction

Piping installation 1

installing vacuum pipe in surface bed


Pipe route in surface bed


Inlet valve position in surface bed


Vacuum pipe 150mm below surface bed

Machine Outside the back door

Vacuum unit housed outside in a brick cabinate with lockable door next to back door in De Zalze Stellenbosch

Kitchen from under the stairs & Hose

9 mtr on/off vacuum hose inserted into vacuum valve

Retrofit Ceiling

Retrofit vacuum installation in roof space fixed to trusses

Machine Outside the back door closed

Brick vacuum enclosure with lockable door and vents below in Stellenbosch


vacuum pipes below concrete


Vacuum inlet position in 9 inch brick wall